What is SASE?

Secure access, secure edge (SASE) is the hot ticket cybersecurity. Do you understand the benefits? Introducing: SASE Whenever sales of security products dip, vendors leverage buzzwords in an effort to explain business problems. They push the buzzword hard for a short while, just long enough for people to buy it and figure out the claims [...]

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Why MDR is Mission Critical for SMBs

Managed Detection and Response tools provide SMBs with highly effective cybersecurity in the face of increasingly frequent and complex attacks. What is MDR? Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides businesses with the capacity to detect threats, respond to incidents, and monitor device, app and network usage. Best of all: a third party takes responsibility for [...]

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Pourquoi la détection et réponse gérées (MDR) est mission critique pour les PMEs

Les outils de détection et de réponse gérés fournissent aux PME une cybersécurité très efficace face à des attaques de plus en plus fréquentes et complexes. Qu'est-ce qu’une MDR? La détection et la réponse gérées (MDR) offrent aux entreprises la capacité de détecter les menaces, de répondre aux incidents et de surveiller l'utilisation des appareils, [...]

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