Cybersecurity Countermeasures: Barriers to Risk Management

A discussion of The Law of Diminishing Returns and Cybersecurity Investment. The Cybersecurity Price Quandary A reasonably good anti-virus product with a bundled firewall can be acquired for less than a dollar per month. Some companies pay double that for an advanced endpoint detection product or a managed detection service. Larger companies frequently spend thousands

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Cybersecurity Risks Facing a Remote Workforce

Cyber threats face SMBs and large enterprises alike while the remote workforce keeps the economy alive. Threat Hunting with a Focus on Securing Devices There’s no disputing that the global pandemic has changed the way we work. Even those people employed by a business are working alone, using new tools, and relying on the digital frontier for success.

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Combatting Cyber Alert Fatigue

The more endpoint breach alerts that sound, the less responsive a cybersecurity team becomes. The likelihood of an endpoint breach increases. Distinguishing Important Alerts from Noise Everyone experiences alert fatigue. Alert fatigue is such a common problem that it dates as far back as Aesop’s Fable from the 6th century BC: There once was a shepherd

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What ‘Endpoint Breaches’ Mean to your Small Business

A guide to endpoint threats and breaches for small business owners. Three Threats All SMB Owners Should Know About An endpoint is any remote device accessing your business network. This may include phones, laptops, tablets, watches, or any other mobile computing device. These endpoints are easy targets for cybercriminals. Mobile devices connect not only to

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Responding to Dridex

An analysis of Dridex, the 'banking' malware that steals credentials AND grows more sophisticated/discrete over time. How CYDEF Responded to a Dridex Attack The Dridex trojan posed a significant threat to major financial institutions since its identification in 2011. Unlike most malware, Dridex continuously evolves, growing more sophisticated over time and escaping detection by hiding

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