Building Partnerships for Strong Cybersecurity

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow increasingly popular amongst small and medium businesses, they’ve also become a target for cybercriminals. In 2019, at least 13 MSPs were hacked. Successfully breaching an MSP’s environment provides attackers with access to corporate data from a range of enterprises – a veritable boon of sensitive information. Vulnerability Management Required

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What is Layered Security?

Layered security protects network environments by erecting several perimeter defences. In order to protect your data – and your organization’s reputation – you need a layered cyber security approach. Introducing: Layered Security The cyber threats prevalent on the internet range in complexity. Some come from email attachments, others from direct attacks to your small or

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Detecting Astaroth with SMART-Sentinel

An analysis of Astaroth, the info-stealing malware that uses multiple fileless techniques to install on a computer and steal passwords. Malware of the day: Astaroth Whenever a new malware or a novel attack technique is discovered, our clients worry about how it could affect them. Many come to us asking: “Am I protected against this

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