Managed EDR vs Antivirus: A Primer

Your standard anti-virus solution isn't up to the task of catching the nastiest threats on the Internet. Cybersecurity Maintenance Requires Dedication Managing your own IT solutions while growing a business is a big task. Add keeping up with evolving cyber security threats and any business owner will feel daunted. That’s why CYDEF is dedicated to

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CYDEF: The Endpoint Security Solution for Canadian Managed Service Providers

CYDEF was born to serve small businesses, including our partners and Managed Service Providers. The Evolution of Canada’s Cyber Defence Partner CYDEF started out with a single goal: to commoditize cybersecurity. As we grew, we heard from channel partners about an unmet need: threat hunting for their managed SMB clients. With that, our channel story

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The Impact of Potentially Unwanted Programs

A Potentially Unwanted Program (PuP) is a designation commonly used by anti-virus vendors to designate software that is present on a computer against the computer’s owner will. This series covers the more exotic incidents observed at our client sites and explain how SMART-Monitor helps with catching them. Today, we will look at the security impact of

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The Evolution of Cyber Defense

Introducing CYDEF, a continuously evolving cybersecurity platform that defends small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) against threats from the security landscape. CYDEF sprouted out of a desire to protect Canadians businesses of all sizes online. Over the past 3 years, CYDEF grew into a continuously evolving security platform that defends small and medium sized enterprises

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